Buttons and links can be configured to suit individual kiosks and PCs

For a quick demo visit the Derby site and click on the my link Derby logo

The first set of links on our demonstration has been configured for a Neighbourhood Kiosk, the second set is for use within a city centre office. The big advantage of this concept is that the customer associates public sector service access with a single, neutral 'thin' brand. The individual service providers brands are immediately visible once a service has been selected. The 'active' buttons on Derby's site mimic their Fujitsu kiosk buttons, presenting a consistent interface for users. We can configure button images to meet any requirement.

Would you use a telephone box if you could only dial one number?

Rather than dedicating kiosks for individual tasks, you can configure buttons to meet multiple, complex requirements of particular locations. So you can link to anything that provides a service for citizens and businesses and substantially increase the usage of your kiosks:


How many times have you seen three, four or more logos for service provision adorning the external walls of a building that provides multi-agency service access?

This sends a confusing message to customers. The mylink logo can be configured with a county, city, town OR neighbourhood name, and can be used, not just for public kiosk and PCs, but also for building signage where multiple services are being delivered. In the same way as the Underground logo is applicable to every station in London, mylink has been designed to facilitate a single, easily identifiable, multi-agency service access brand available at any location in the UK.

So, as well as having your city / borough name:

you can also have a neighbourhood logo:

and then you can stretch the brand for smartcards:

and even a multi-agency citizen portal:

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