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Thursday 22 November 2008

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Service Notice: SN22509876

Raised: 2008-10-31 21:52:34

by: Electoral Services

to: David Gale

We have sent you instructions in the post for electoral roll registration

Service Notice: SN22509874

Raised: 2008-10-31 21:52:27

by: Council Tax

to: David Gale

An invoice has been raised on your Council Tax account for £88.00. This payment will now be processed by your bank/ building society.

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Thursday 29 November 2008
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06.11.08 Council Tax letter - DCC new!
12.11.08 Neighbourhood Alert - Police
10.11.08 School Sports Day - Education
06.11.08 Planning Application Response
01.11.08 Your letter ref Application 10/07/ 01543
31.10.08 Electoral Roll Registration
31.10.08 Council Tax Invoice
30.10.08 Planning Decision 10/07/ 01543
29.10.08 Fire Brigade Job Application
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 Customer Query: 17416529


Raised: 2008-08-30 08:24:04 

 by: You 


david gale - my site

Open :
I am moving house on 15 September. My new address is Church Farm, 5 Church Street, Alvaston, Derby DE24 0PR.


Alex Tame
my link - Derby

Assigned : Dear Mr Gale,
We have made a note of your change of address. Can you confirm that you wish us to share that information across all agencies with whom you have dealings in Derby?
Alex Tame
DP Question raised.


david gale - telephone

Permission given for information sharing during telephone call made on other issue
(call ref: 17416556)


Auto CRM

my link - Derby

Live Systems auto address update acknowledged


Alex Tame

my link - Derby

Assigned : All records have been updated. Thank you.

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david gale - my site

Closed: By Customer via Portal




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